We will add new information here in course of time. Feel free to ask us all you want to know.

1. How can I download TV series?
All TV series are on Xubster file hosting.

2. I want to became a Premium user. How can I do it?
You need to purchase premium access. When You click on the link to download episode of the TV series, You can select on file hosting page: premium user term and payment method (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Google Wallet, etc.). You will get premium access on the specified email after your payment.

3. How to contact support?
Xubster support
If file sharings support will not help — email us. We will try to help You.

4. How to watch episodes with external subtitles?
Use this video player VLC. It supports external subtitles.
Here is the manual Watching video with external subtitles.