Diagnosis Murder (season 7)

Diagnosis Murder (season 7)
23 of 24 episodes
Release dateOctober 29, 1993
CrewDick Van Dyke, Lee Goldberg, Dean Hargrove, Fred Silverman, Mark Masuoka
Runtime45 min
Dr. Mark Sloan is a good-natured, offbeat physician who is called upon to solve murders.rn
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Episode 1
S07 E01 - The Roast
Episode 2
S07 E02 - Sleeping Murder
Episode 3
S07 E03 - Bringing Up Barbie
Episode 4
S07 E04 - Murder at Midterm
Episode 5
S07 E05 - The Flame
Episode 6
S07 E06 - The Killer Within
Episode 7
S07 E07 - Gangland (1)
Episode 8
S07 E08 - Gangland (2)
Episode 9
S07 E09 - The Mouth That Roared
Episode 10
S07 E10 - The Seven Deadly Sins
Episode 11
S07 E11 - Santa Claude
Episode 12
S07 E12 - Man Overboard
Episode 13
S07 E13 - Frontier Dad
Episode 14
S07 E14 - Too Many Cooks
Episode 15
S07 E15 - Jake's Women
Episode 16
S07 E16 - Murder by Remote
Episode 17
S07 E17 - Teacher's Pet
Episode 18
S07 E18 - The Unluckiest Bachelor in L.A.
Episode 19
S07 E19 - A Resting Place
Episode 20
S07 E20 - Murder at BBQ Bob's
Episode 21
S07 E21 - Two Birds With One Sloan
Episode 22
S07 E22 - Swan Song
Episode 23
S07 E23 - Out of the Past (1)
Episode 24
S07 E24 - Getting Mad, Getting Even (2)

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