IZombie (season 3)

Olivia Moore is a student whose life has changed dramatically after an ordinary party. Now Liv is zombie with corresponding appearance and habits. Previously the girl was a wholesome optimistic person. She was active and resilient. Now she has a pale skin, white hairs and circles under her eyes. To support her life Liv takes a job at Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti where she has access to the brains of dead eating them. But with food like that student gets memories of the people who are dead. Dr. Chakrabarti knows about Livs zombie nature. They will help detective Clive to investigate the deaths of these people.
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Episode 1
S03 E01 - Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother
Episode 2
S03 E02 - Zombie Knows Best
Episode 3
S03 E03 - Eat, Pray, Liv
Episode 4
S03 E04 - Wag the Tongue Slowly
Episode 5
S03 E05 - Spanking the Zombie
Episode 6
S03 E06 - Some Like It Hot Mess
Episode 7
S03 E07 - Dirt Nap Time
Episode 8
S03 E08 - Eat a Knievel
Episode 9
S03 E09 - Twenty-Sided, Die
Episode 10
S03 E10 - Return of the Dead Guy
Episode 11
S03 E11 - Conspiracy Weary
Episode 12
S03 E12 - Looking for Mr. Goodbrain (1)
Episode 13
S03 E13 - Looking for Mr. Goodbrain (2)

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