Mork & Mindy (season 2)

Mork & Mindy (season 2)
Complete season
Release dateSeptember 14, 1978
CrewAnthony W. Marshall, Dale McRaven, Bruce Johnson, Garry Marshall, Brian Levant, James O'Keefe, Norm Gray
Runtime25 min
Mork & Mindy is a spin-off from an episode of Happy Days seen in February 1978, in which an alien from the planet Ork lands on Earth and attempts to kidnap Richie. Mork is a misfit on his own planet because of his sense of humor, so the humorless Orkans send him off to study Earthlings, whose 'crazy' customs they had never been able to understand. Mork lands, in a giant eggshell, near Boulder, Colorado and is befriended by pretty Mindy McConnell, a clerk at a music store run by her father. Mork looks human, but his strange mixture of Orkan and Earthling customs leads most people to think of him as a nut.
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Episode 1-2
S02 E01E02 - Mork in Wonderland (1) & Mork in Wonderland (2)
Episode 3
S02 E03 - Stark Raving Mork
Episode 4
S02 E04 - Mork's Baby Blues
Episode 5
S02 E05 - Dr. Morkenstein
Episode 6
S02 E06 - Mork vs. Mindy
Episode 7
S02 E07 - Mork Gets Mindy-itis
Episode 8
S02 E08 - A Morkville Horror
Episode 9
S02 E09 - Mork's Health Hints
Episode 10
S02 E10 - Dial 'N' for Nelson
Episode 11-12
S02 E11E12 - Mork vs. the Necrotons (1) & Mork vs. the Necrotons (2)
Episode 13
S02 E13 - Hold That Mork
Episode 14
S02 E14 - The Exidor Affair
Episode 15
S02 E15 - The Mork Syndrome
Episode 16
S02 E16 - Exidor's Wedding
Episode 17
S02 E17 - A Mommy for Mindy
Episode 18
S02 E18 - The Night They Raided Mind-skis
Episode 19
S02 E19 - Mork Learns to See
Episode 20
S02 E20 - Mork's Vacation
Episode 21
S02 E21 - Jeanie Loves Mork
Episode 22
S02 E22 - Little Orphan Morkie
Episode 23
S02 E23 - Looney Tunes and Morkie Melodies
Episode 24
S02 E24 - Clerical Error
Episode 25
S02 E25 - Invasion of the Mork Snatchers
Episode 26
S02 E26 - The Way Mork Were

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