Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots (season 5)

At the center of the show is life of rich and powerful family of the judge Jim Cryer. Every inhabitant of the luxury mansion has his own secrets. The head of the family has been doing double life for a long time. His spouse Katheryn looks like the paragon of virtue, she ready for everything to protect her family. Daughter and son is not so decent too. The only person in the house who lives under the precepts of God is African American housemaid Hanna Young. And her daughter Candace dreams about wealth and think her acquaintance with the Cryer family is a chance to make a life for herself.
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Episode 1
S05 E01 - Afraid of Flames
Episode 2
S05 E02 - Searching For A Mother's Love
Episode 3
S05 E03 - Undercover Vice
Episode 4
S05 E04 - The Lion
Episode 5
S05 E05 - Errand Boy
Episode 6
S05 E06 - Hannau2019s Tea
Episode 7
S05 E07 - Every Six Months
Episode 8
S05 E08 - Wicked
Episode 9
S05 E09 - An Eye For An Eye
Episode 10
S05 E10 - A Lover's Passions
Episode 11
S05 E11 - Veronicau2019s House
Episode 12
S05 E12 - In His Eyes
Episode 13
S05 E13 - The Right Cocktail
Episode 14
S05 E14 - The Rabbit and The Water Moccasin
Episode 15
S05 E15 - The Third Quarter
Episode 16
S05 E16 - No Honor In This Game
Episode 17
S05 E17 - The Broken Washer
Episode 18
S05 E18 - Sugar Mamma
Episode 19
S05 E19 - Team of Rivals
Episode 20
S05 E20 - Smitten
Episode 21
S05 E21 - Moles
Episode 22
S05 E22 - Til Death Do Us Part
Episode 23
S05 E23 - The Road to Hell
Episode 24
S05 E24 - The Black Dress
Episode 25
S05 E25 - A Father's Regret
Episode 26
S05 E26 - The Damned Defibrillator
Episode 27
S05 E27 - Laugh Not To Cry
Episode 28
S05 E28 - Stronger Together
Episode 29
S05 E29 - The Black Man....
Episode 30
S05 E30 - Three's A Crowd
Episode 31
S05 E31 - The Chosen
Episode 32
S05 E32 - The Committee
Episode 33
S05 E33 - Exhausted
Episode 34
S05 E34 - Speak Through It
Episode 35
S05 E35 - Battle For The Past
Episode 36
S05 E36 - A Good Man
Episode 37
S05 E37 - The Surgeon
Episode 38
S05 E38 - Power Struggle
Episode 39
S05 E39 - From the Seventies
Episode 40
S05 E40 - Room Three
Episode 41
S05 E41 - Enough
Episode 42
S05 E42 - Morning
Episode 43
S05 E43 - Fifteen Minutes
Episode 44
S05 E44 - Out Of Time

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