Criminal Minds (season 17)

Criminal Minds (season 17)
4 of 10 episodes
Release dateSeptember 22, 2005
CrewGlenn Kershaw, Mark Gordon, Erica Messer, Peter Schindler, Aaron Zelman, Kristin Alcala, Breen Frazier, Christopher Barbour, Harry V. Bring, Gigi Coello-Bannon, Edward Allen Bernero, Charles S. Carroll, Becky Silverman, Rick Dunkle, Jim Clemente, Stacey Beneville, April Webster, Jay Beattie, Scott David, Kiegan Downs, Scott David, Lisa Zambetti, Callie Miller
Runtime42 min
Based in Quantico, Virginia, the Division of Behavioral Analysis is a division of the FBI. Called in by local police departments to assist in solving serial and extremely violent crimes where the perpetrator is unknown, the B.A.U uses the controversial scientific art of profiling to track and apprehend the subject. Profiling involves compiling basic characteristics of the subject and victims (called victimology), using the evidence in the case, and correlating this information with historical precedents and psychological analysis as a means of solving the case. Because of the nature of the work conducted by the B.A.U.. - time-consuming and psychologically demanding work, its members have a fervent loyalty to the unit and its other members. Also because the work is demanding, not many B.A.U. members have been able to maintain a happy or stable family lifern
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Episode 1
S17 E01 - Gold Star
Episode 2
S17 E02 - Contagion
Episode 3
S17 E03 - Homesick
Episode 4
S17 E04 - Kingdom of the Blind
Episode 5
S17 E05 - Conspiracy vs. Theory
Episode 6
S17 E06 - Message in a Bottle
Episode 7
S17 E07 - Piranha
Episode 8
S17 E08 - North Star
Episode 9
S17 E09 - Stars & Stripes
Episode 10
S17 E10 - Save the Children

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