Dallas (season 8)

Dallas (season 8)


The world's first mega-soap, and one of the most popular ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. Famous for one of the best cliffhangers in TV history, as the world asked Whorn

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Episode 1
S08 E01 - Killer at Large

Episode 2
S08 E02 - Battle Lines

Episode 3
S08 E03 - If at First You Don't Succeed

Episode 4
S08 E04 - Jamie

Episode 5
S08 E05 - Family

Episode 6
S08 E06 - Shadow of a Doubt

Episode 7
S08 E07 - Homecoming

Episode 8
S08 E08 - Oil Baron's Ball III

Episode 9
S08 E09 - Shadows

Episode 10
S08 E10 - Charlie

Episode 11
S08 E11 - Barbecue Five

Episode 12
S08 E12 - Do You Take This Womanu2026

Episode 13
S08 E13 - Deja Vu

Episode 14
S08 E14 - Odd Man Out

Episode 15
S08 E15 - Lockup in Laredo

Episode 16
S08 E16 - Winds of War

Episode 17
S08 E17 - Bail Out

Episode 18
S08 E18 - Legacy of Hate

Episode 19
S08 E19 - Sins of the Fathers

Episode 20
S08 E20 - The Brothers Ewing

Episode 21
S08 E21 - Shattered Dreams

Episode 22
S08 E22 - Dead Ends

Episode 23
S08 E23 - Trial and Error

Episode 24
S08 E24 - The Verdict

Episode 25
S08 E25 - Sentences

Episode 26
S08 E26 - Terms of Estrangement

Episode 27
S08 E27 - The Ewing Connection

Episode 28
S08 E28 - Deeds and Misdeeds

Episode 29
S08 E29 - Deliverance

Episode 30
S08 E30 - Swan Song

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