Scandal (season 6)

The main heroine of the TV series is Olivia Pope, a young woman who is an expert of public relationship. Her professional background includes work for the president of the USA, this is a great thing for her career advancement. As a result she decides to open her own agency solving the problems of the powerful people and keeping it private. She and her team set to work. They become good at their business. But a significant amount of time is spent working in the agency, and Olivia has no time to even think about her personal life. And here is the choice. You can be a successful specialist but absolutely lonely person or you can be a good family person but without career. How can one join it all together and to sacrifice nothing.
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Episode 1
S06 E01 - Survival of the Fittest
Episode 2
S06 E02 - Hardball
Episode 3
S06 E03 - Fates Worse than Death
Episode 4
S06 E04 - The Belt
Episode 5
S06 E05 - They All Bow Down
Episode 6
S06 E06 - Extinction
Episode 7
S06 E07 - A Traitor Among Us
Episode 8
S06 E08 - A Stomach for Blood
Episode 9
S06 E09 - Dead in the Water
Episode 10
S06 E10 - The Decision
Episode 11
S06 E11 - Trojan Horse
Episode 12
S06 E12 - Mercy
Episode 13
S06 E13 - The Box
Episode 14
S06 E14 - Head Games
Episode 15
S06 E15 - Tick Tock
Episode 16
S06 E16 - Transfer of Power

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